What we offer

Our vision is to Make Our Planet Sustainable with SYNDEM Smart Grids. We 

  • Develop cutting-edge technologies to enable the implementation of SYNDEM smart grids worldwide 
  • Provide research and teaching platforms to train future leaders
  • Educate policy makers and the public that we can all actively contribute to a sustainable future
  • Offer consultancy services in control systems, power electronics and their seamless integration in different systems

We are aiming to cover the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity that involve power electronic converters. 

If you are interested in licensing our technologies, setting up joint ventures, developing training programs and/or promoting the concept, please get in touch.

Wind power

Turning a whole wind power system into a grid-friendly turbine-generator-VSM-VSM system for both PMSG and DFIG machines with virtual inertia, fault-ride through etc. 

Solar power

Turning solar farms and roof-top solar panels into VSM without potential-induced degradation (PID). There is no need to use an isolating transformer either, saving cost.

Energy storage systems

Energy storage systems provide the important buffer for SYNDEM smart grids. Various types of energy storage systems can be operated as VSM for seamless and friendly integration. 

Electrical vehicles

Plug-in electrical vehicles can be charged from mains outlets. With our VSM technologies, EV chargers are turned into bi-directional VSM and can easily take part in grid regulation, achieving vehicle-to-grid (V2G).

Motor drives

Different types of motors consume about 50% of electricity worldwide. Significant savings can be obtained when motor drives are used. Now they can contribute to grid stability too!

IT equipment

IT has revolutionized our life. IT devices are electricity-hungry too! Laptops, uninterruptible power supplies etc. can all be turned into active contributors to grid stability too!

Home appliances

Want to make your own contributions to the sustainability of our planet? Air-conditioners, washing machines, dish washers and TVS can actively contribute to grid stability too.  

LED lighting

Lighting devices consume about 20% of electricity worldwide. The lighting market is to be dominated by LED lights, which can be turned into VSM as well to support the grid.

FACTS devices

FACTS devices are widely adopted to transport electricity, control the power flow, improve the efficiency and power quality of transmission systems. 

High-speed trains

High-speed trains have become the next-generation transportation tool. Operating the power electronic converters in high-speed trains as virtual synchronous machines helps stabilizing the traction power system and improves energy efficiency.

More-electric aircraft

Power electronic converters are causing more and more instability issues in aircraft. The SYNDEM smart grid addresses such instability problem from the fundamental level and is a promising solution for more-electric aircraft.

All-electric ships

Electrification of ships has become a trend in the ship industry. A key issue is to maintain the stability of the shipboard power system while maximizing the fuel efficieny. The SYNDEM smart grid is an ideal option for all-electric ships.